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Virginia Tech in Alexandria

Virginia Tech’s presence in Old Town Alexandria dates back to 1980. Currently the university has three teaching locations on Prince Street and owns two other buildings on Patrick Street – the Rectory houses the American Institute of Architects (AIA) offices and the Gallery serves as a limited capacity dormitory for students in the region.

1001 Prince Street

1021 Prince Street

In 1981, following a successful pilot program in Old Town, the College of Architecture and Urban Studies (CAUS) formally launched the Washington Alexandria Architecture Center (WAAC). In 1985 the Virginia Tech Foundation purchased a building on Columbus Street where the WAAC was located until 1991, the year the Foundation purchased the center’s permanent home at 1001 Prince Street. Built in 1910 as the Lee School for Girls, the City of Alexandria used the building as a public school until 1980.

The Rectory and the Gallery on Patrick Street were purchased by the Foundation in 1986.

In 2001 the Virginia Tech Foundation also purchased the building at 1021 Prince Street. In 2003 the Metropolitan Institute (MI) at Virginia Tech was launched to conduct basic and applied research on national and international development patterns and a number of graduate programs moved into the newly renovated building.

601 Prince Street

The WAAC expanded its footprint in Old Town when the Virginia Tech Foundation purchased an historic building at 601 Prince Street. This building houses offices for up to seven faculty members, design studio space for 75 students, three classrooms of various sizes, collaboration and presentation spaces, and open areas that can accommodate visiting exhibits.

The following graduate degree and certificate programs are offered in Alexandria:

The following research centers are offered in Alexandria: