National Capital Region | Virginia Tech

Economic Development and Technical Assistance


Outreach provides a flexible connection to the resources of Virginia Tech.

Finding expertise within a large, comprehensive, and complex research university like Virginia Tech can be a challenge even for those on the inside. The Office of Economic Development (OED), a part of Virginia Tech's OPD, can help you navigate this large network.  In short, the faculty, staff and students at Virginia Tech will work with you to explore issues of mutual benefit. Contacting us can save you time; we will connect you to the appropriate resources within Virginia Tech as quickly as we can.

Faculty and staff are based in the National Capital Region (NCR) and collaborate daily with colleagues on the Blacksburg campus using the complete resources of Virginia Tech.  Programs and services may be:

  • Delivered in person on-site
  • Hosted at one of Virginia Tech’s facilities in Falls Church or Alexandria (or others)
  • Arranged to take place locally, anywhere in the United States, or around the world
  • Able to use distance technology to engage learners and instructors from multiple sites