Sanjay Raman co-edits new book on mm-wave transmitter chips

Sanjay Raman co-edits new book on mm-wave transmitter chips

Sanjay Raman, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Virginia Tech, former program manager in the DARPA Microsystems Technology Office, IEEE Fellow, and associate vice president of the National Capital Region, has co-edited “mm-Wave Silicon Power Amplifiers and Transmitters,” a cutting-edge guide to designing, modeling, analyzing, implementing, and testing new mm-wave (roughly 30-300 GHz) integrated circuits.

This new volume was published by Cambridge University Press as part of The Cambridge RF and Microwave Engineering Series, designed to fill a large and growing need for information and learning created by the wireless revolution of the last 15 years.

Suitable for students, researchers, and practicing engineers, this self-contained guide provides in-depth coverage of state-of-the-art semiconductor devices and technologies; linear and nonlinear power amplifier technologies; efficient power combining systems, circuit concepts, system architectures, packaging, and system-on-a-chip realizations. It is a helpful resource for those working with extremely high-frequency systems with applications in high bandwidth communications, radar and sensors.

Raman and co-editor Hossein Hashemi, professor of electrical engineering, Ming Hseih Faculty Fellow, and the co-director of the Ming Hsieh Institute and Ultimate Radio Laboratory at the University of Southern California, have also written the introductory chapter of the book. In the chapters that follow, more than 20 of the world’s foremost experts from industry and academia cover all aspects of building high-performance, spectrally clean, energy-efficient mm-wave power amplifiers and transmitters. A significant portion of this work stems from the DARPA Efficient Linearized All-Silicon Transmitter ICs (ELASTx) program that Raman created while at DARPA.

In addition, “mm-Wave Silicon Power Amplifiers and Transmitters” includes numerous case studies highlighting practical design techniques, trade-offs, and pitfalls.

Posted April 11, 2016