Joseph Wang on grant-funded research team using big data to improve health care in Australia

Yue Wang Joseph Wang

Yue (Joseph) Wang, the Grant A. Dove Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is one of a five-member research team that has received a 2017 Discovery Projects grant from the Australian Research Council to develop a data-driven framework for disease analysis.

Wang, based at the Virginia Tech Research Center - Arlington, is the only researcher from an American university. The other four are from the University of Sydney and its affiliated Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

“Modern healthcare needs to embrace the potential of ‘big health data’ to address the increasing healthcare demands of an aging population and the inefficiencies and waste in current patient treatment,” said Wang.

Wang said the team will use visual analytics theory to pioneer basic science research in methodologies to integrate, correlate, and derive knowledge from multiscale data.

“This will lead to breakthroughs in disease classification and precision medicine and ultimately affect individual patient care,” Wang said.

Discovery Projects grants provide funding for basic and applied research by individuals and teams to encourage research and research training in high-quality research environments; increase international collaboration in research; expand Australia’s knowledge base and research capability; and enhance the scale and focus of the Australian Research Council’s science and research priorities.

Posted December 07, 2016